Monday, March 11, 2013

Vampire Diaries Burns

Elena about to burn.

          After a conversation with another Vampire Diaries loving fan (sister shout-out), I had to finally post a quick reaction to the shake-up in the past few episodes.  Spoiler alert to those not yet caught up.  Jeremy really is dead and Elena, the heart, soul, and compassion of the show burned down her life, her memories, and even her house.  It was painful on many levels.  Elena has lost everyone close to her: Father, Mother, Real Father, Brother, Aunt, and even Alaric.  She and Meredith Grey could exchange horror stories, truly. Still, for her to burn down the center of all of her human moments, it was painful.

         Here is my concern. Elena burned her past and turned off her humanity.  If the heart of the show loses her heart, what happens to the show?  I appreciate the depths Vampire Diaries takes its characters and its ability to spin good and bad characters.  Still, what happens to the heartbeat of the show?  Perhaps Caroline will step it up even more than she already has, though personally, I'd prefer Caroline spend more time with Klaus.  Maybe Matt, the tenderhearted human will fill the void.  All I know is that Vampire Diaries better get on track.  I liked vampire Elena, but Elena without humanity, that's another story.  She may as well be Katherine.

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