Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Veronica Mars and the Maybe Movie in the Making

Veronica Mars and the Maybe Movie

          Though never a huge hit, Veronica Mars now boasts cult following which includes its creator Rob Thomas and star Kristen Bell.  Veronica Mars was a show that ran for three years and featured a teen sleuth with sass and spunk to spare.  Since it ended abruptly in 2007, there have been many rumblings about the possibility of a movie.  Most of those rumblings ended sadly, with no movie in sight.  That may change now, thanks to Kickstarter, a way that Rob Thomas and crew are raising money for the film.  Veronica Mars must receive at least 2 million dollars in the next month to get the green light.  If this idea is successful, not only will we get a great movie (if you've seen the show, you know it'll be great), but we also may gain a revolutionary new way to influence entertainment.  Somewhere out there, a Firefly fan is already plotting, I promise you that.
         To donate, check out this sight here.  Already the donation amount is up to over one million dollars, which is a huge boost from earlier in the day.

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