Saturday, March 16, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful Review

Oz the Great and Powerful

            In the flood of fantasy-adventure films, Oz the Great and Powerful stands out with its flawed title character, endearing sidekicks, and plotting witches.  With respect and love for The Wizard of Oz, the film moves quickly, keeping the characters and plot tight and engrossing.  In short, the movie never dragged or dulled.  Visually stunning, Oz the Great and Powerful, unlike the poor Tin Man,  possesses a heart, which is more than most films of its nature can boast of.

          To his credit, James Franco does a fine job as the con-man from Kansas with a wicked smile and a heart deeper than it appears. You root for his character to mature and learn.  I don't wish to spoil the fun with the witches, though I will say that Michelle Williams carries her role with flair.  As a side, Zach Braff 's monkey was fantastic.  He should churn out animation characters all the time.

          All and all, I'd say hop on the tornado and take a trip to Oz the Great and Powerful.  If you're anything like the kid who sat a row in front of me, you'll have quite a ride.

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