Monday, December 17, 2012

Star Trek's New Trailer Reveals an Enemy Within

              Though J.J. Abram's first reboot of the Star Trek film series carried emotion heft, especially in the first few harrowing moments of the film, it appears that Star Trek was almost lighthearted compared to Star Trek Into Darkness.  The new trailer, which debuted today, places the lives of all of the beloved characters in jeopardy.   Their fates are left to the Captain.  Images of futuristic coffins do little to comfort the desperate reality of life and death.  As for the villain, played by Benedict Cumberbatch (Gosh I love his name.  Say out loud. Say it three times out loud. It's awesome.  Also, watch Sherlock.  I can't tell people to do that enough), it would appear that he is an enemy from withing.  The image of him in uniform, as well as the voice over pretty much confirm as much.
          I for one am ready for a weighty and emotional ride.  It raises the stakes.  Seeing Captain Kirk at his end, in duress makes for a great potential film.  Check out all of the gravitas here, in the trailer.

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