Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Merlin's Final Bow

                While I will admit to veering into geeky cool pop culture more often to not, there are some shows that are on the edge of what I like. Merlin, a show mostly unheard of by mainstream culture, has managed to keep me watching for four seasons despite occasional cheese and repetition.  This coming year, the fifth and final season of the BBC production will be released stateside.  Chronicling the early adventures of Prince and ultimate King Arthur and his servant Merlin, the show celebrates the legend while also adding fresh characterizations and relationships.  In this version of the tale, magic is outlawed under penalty of death, forcing Merlin to often play the simpleton servant while actually saving everyone from chaos and death.  The highlight of the show is Arthur and Merlin's deep, sometimes ridiculous bond as they survive King and court.  If you are into weekly adventures that mix a dash of campy fun with surprising deep moments, catch the first four seasons of Merlin on Netflix, then see Merlin's final bow on Syfy January 4, 2012.

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