Monday, December 17, 2012

Sarah's Haunting Key

                 When I finally got around to watching the 2010 French film Sarah's Key, based on the wildly popular novel, I knew I was in for an emotional experience.  I wasn't prepared for the devastating reality.  If you've heard of the novel or movie before, you may know that the story follows Julia, a journalist who discovers her apartment once belonged to a French Jewish family who were rounded up by the French police and sent away to camps. Haunted by the urge to uncover the past, Julia unlocks devastating truth. The film's other protagonist is Sarah, the young girl in the Jewish family who hides her little brother in a closet before being rounded up with her family.  Escaping and fighting to make it back to her brother, Sarah's life is irrevocably altered by the choices she is forced to make.
          The heartbreak of the story is acute.  It's the kind of altering films that almost makes you wish you hadn't watched the movie, but somehow unwilling to actually wish it unseen.  Regardless if you see or read Sarah's Key or not, at least listen to a taste of the Max Richter's (Shutter Island) soundtrack.  The music alone offers a slice of the film's overwhelming, poignant emotions.

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