Sunday, April 7, 2013

Doctor Who: The Rings of Akhaten

Doctor Who and The Rings of Akhaten

          In last nights episode of Doctor Who, titled The Rings of Akhaten, The Doctor once again encountered themes of religion, science, and love.  This time, The Doctor and his new and very mysterious companion Clara (she's died twice already, but doesn't seem to remember/be the same person) find themselves on a planet that worships and sings to a god (actually an alien) to keep it asleep.  The real meat of the episode came with Clara's backstory, where we found out the importance of a leaf (it set up the meet-cute between Clara's parents) and that Clara's mother died, but not before promising she would always find Clara.  There is significance in learning Clara had a normal upbringing, considering the mystery surrounding her.  I could feel the theorists heads churning throughout the episode.

         Here is why I love even the less exciting episodes of Doctor Who-the show always gives you something deeper to chew on and encourages you to not only think and question with your mind, but also your heart.  Whatever your believes, Doctor Who forces hard thoughts.  For example, yesterday's episode questions the origin the universe and the commitment of faith.  While I can disagree with some of the theology and theories of the show, I appreciate that it isn't afraid to go into the deep and dangerous depths. That's just it though.  The Doctor's companions always question him, so of course the viewers (who are a sort of companion on The Doctor's adventures) should question him and the show.  I'm grateful Doctor Who respects the intelligence and depth of its fans.  Keep it up Doctor Who, we'll follow along, just be prepared for questions.

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