Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Thor: The Dark World Trailer Drops

Thor: The Dark World

         Thor was a surprise to many people when it came out a few summers back.  Somehow, it managed to be incredibly entertaining and sincere, avoiding cheese. (Impressive, when you consider there was literally a rainbow bridge).  After Loki, Thor's ultimate villain/brother/anti-hero took on the Avengers, the demand for the sequel intensified.  We all threw down the dvd and demanded another.  We got our request, as Thor: The Dark World is due this fall.  The trailer just debuted today and heavily features Thor dealing with a darkness older than creation.  He reunites with Natalie Portman's Jane, but is ultimately made so desperate he turns to Loki for help.  For all the Loki fans, this should be good.  Loki's chance for redemption is what makes him such a great villain.  Check out the great first trailer here.

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