Sunday, April 21, 2013

Fringe: A Fantastic Binge


        When J.J. Abrams's Fringe debuted in 2008, I didn't give it a fair chance.  It wasn't Fringe's fault, I was just new to college and didn't make the time to watch the sci-fi gem.  Shame on me.  For a few years now, I've wanted to return to the show about fringe science that questions the boundaries of technology, science, and human imagination.  Thanks to Netflix, who recently gained the rights to stream the show, I have begun what is sure to be a fantastic viewing experience.  I'm about 9 episodes into the first season of the show, which follows F.B.I. agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) as she is recruited into a much larger and fantastic world.  Agent Dunham is joined by Dr. Walter Bishop (John Noble), a genius scientists whose practices caused him to be institutionalized.  Rounding out the group of misfits is Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson), Walter's son and Astrid (Jasika Nicole), a fellow agent.  The team investigates everything from kidnapped prodigies to plane crashes to people with unique powers.  The show is part crime show, part mythological arcs, with a huge helping of science fiction and conspiracy thrown into the mix.  The blend is brilliant, reminding me of Lost and Alias in the best possible way.
          Fringe deserves the title of a cult-hit.  As much I should have been watching Fringe from its initial creation, I love zipping through episodes and seeing the interconnected stories clearly.  It is a glorious binge so far.

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