Saturday, January 26, 2013

J.J. Meet Jar Jar: Star Wars Has New Hope with Director J.J. Abrams

George Lucas and J.J Abrams: Directors of Star Wars

               J.J. Abrams is one of my generation's film and television gurus.  When his name is attached to something, I typically trust that the storytelling, characters, and adventure will be above par.  Look at his track record.  He's generated shows like Alias and Lost and movies like Super 8 and Star Trek.  The man knows his way around a franchise with a huge wealth of mythology and mystery and is notorious for holding his cards close and not revealing spoilers.  While I wasn't clamoring for a new Star Wars film, hearing that Abrams is officially set to helm the next Star Wars is intriguing.  Knowing that the screenwriter of Star Wars VII also wrote Toy Story 3 (aka the movie that sent a world of grownups back to their childhood) doesn't hurt my interest in the next chapter in the Star Wars Universe.  If Abrams can create such fresh life and vigor in Star Trek, why not take over Lucas's Wars as well?  I doubt we have to worry about any Jar Jar-Gate controversies.

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