Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 2: Picture Response

Downton Abbey Season 3, Episode 2

              Downton Abbey was recently knocked down and called the Ford Fiesta to the Aston Martin of Shakespeare by Brit actor Jeremy Irons.  Well, man who voiced the lion Scar in the Shakespearean Lion King, be prepared for backlash...

Be Prepared Jeremy Irons

                    If Downton Abbey is like a Ford Fiesta, it only means it's a fun, quirky spin on tradition.  It doesn't aspire to be Shakespeare, so it doesn't really deserve to be compared to it.  Being a beloved, of the people show isn't a bad thing.

Ford Fiesta (aka Downton Abbey)

              Now, moving on, last Sunday's S1E2 of Downton brought with it a Ford Fiesta sized load of trouble.  Here, in picture form, is my response to various moments of the show.

1.  Ms. Hughes telling the beloved butler Carson her tumor was benign equaled one of the cutest musical reactions to good news ever.  Carson had a Disney princess moment while he cleaned.

Happy Working Song, Enchanted

2.  Matthew receives a rather too perfect letter releasing him from any guilt over taking money from the relation of his jilted, dead fiance.  It was a little too easy of a fix.

3.  Lady Edith, that obnoxious old man with the lopsided mouth does not deserve you, and you didn't deserve to be humiliated at the alter.  I wish for a time machine so that I could bring you some Nutella from the future.

Can we note how great it is that the spoon in the Nutella is labeled "spoon," as if we needed the clarification?


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