Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Downton Abbey Season 3: A Picture Response to a Devastating Episode

Get ready for Oprah's Ugly Cry, but first:

Sybil, Tom, and their sweet family

               If you haven't watched the last of Downton Abbey season three, stop reading now.  I mean it. As for me, I had this episode spoiled months ago when I accidentally read a comment on a youtube trailer.  Here, in picture form, I can finally fully respond to the revelations of last Sunday's episode.

1.  This is how devastated/angry I was when I stumbled on the spoiler that told me the tragic new of the episode months earlier.
Just let me be angry.
2.  This was how I felt when they were not taking Sybil to the hospital.

Okay fine, come back, but LEAVE NOW

3.  I felt for poor Daisy and the poor kitchen maid who faced the wrath of a woman scorned.
Daisy has enter the friend zone.
4.  And now, for the devastating finale, when Sybil, the sweetest spirit at Downton, tragically died, forever changing Downton and sending even Carson and the Dowager into deep depression...

Ugly Crying

Ugly Crying and Eating


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